Our Facilities

Designed for little people

Every Toddlercare nursery has a series of dedicated playrooms for your little one to explore as they grow. Each room has facilities and activities aimed at making their time with us as safe and enjoyable as possible. Designed with children in mind, the rooms are also home to an array of stimulating activities, all carefully selected to help your little one to learn through play.

Nurturing and stimulating at every stage…

Baby Room

Discovering and Exploring

Toddlercare’s experienced Baby Room team will work with you to get familiar with your baby’s individual routine and ensure they settle-in to nursery life. We have extensive experience in caring for young babies, and with just three babies to every member of staff, each one gets feeds, cuddles and stimulating attention in tune with their individual routines.

We aim to develop babies by encouraging them to discover and explore their senses and improve coordination. Even very young babies are able to enjoy a variety of experiences in the Baby Room including treasure baskets, water play, textures, colours and sounds. Separate sleep areas ensure that babies at Toddlercare get the peace and quiet they need to rest soundly.

Toddler Room

Building Confidence

Your toddler does a lot of growing up at this crucial stage. Our toddler teams encourage your little one to learn through play to develop physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially. Activities are designed to build confidence and prepare them for the Foundation Stage from age 3.

Pre-school Room - 3 years +

Developing and Learning

Your child will join the Toddlercare Pre-school Room when they reach three years old. This is where we work on the ‘Foundation Stage’, the first part of the National Curriculum.

We will help prepare your child for school through six key areas of learning:

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Language, literacy and communication
  • Mathematics
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Creative development

From the age of three to five, children grow, develop and learn rapidly. They constantly experience new things. They explore the world around them, ask questions, extend their skills, develop their confidence and build on what they already know. Well-planned play is central to their learning and helps make it challenging and fun.

At Toddlercare we organise indoor and outdoor activities and give children plenty of space to move around. We also encourage them to play both individually and in small groups. We organise things to help them find what they want and be more independent. Our role is to encourage your child, extending their language and thinking and helping them progress. We support their learning, helping them to use their imagination and curiosity to understand their world and solve problems. We create a safe, nurturing environment where their confidence and ability to communicate can grow and grow.

From the age of three, children who attend Toddlercare are able to get Government funding to help pay for some of their time with us. We will take care of this for you, so please ask our nursery manager for details. Please also ask to see details of our plans to deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage which are available to view at any time. To support your toddler’s progress in all areas of development we provide age and stage appropriate equipment, toys and activities. These include imaginative and constructive play like reading, painting and sand and water play. Toddlers love our music sessions which include a weekly lesson with a visiting music teacher who introduces the children to a variety of instruments. We also spend lots of time exploring our large garden areas and enjoying outdoor toys.