Our Philosophy

Happy. Secure.

We want your child to feel happy and secure

At Toddlercare, we provide a caring, nurturing, homely environment where your child is relaxed and happy. Our priority is to encourage and support your child to develop their potential.

We take training seriously. Every member of our skilled team holds an appropriate qualification or is receiving training towards one, so you can be completely confident that your child is getting the very highest standard of care and development.

Individual. Respect.

We respect children as individuals

Your child’s individuality and potential will be recognised, valued and nurtured from day one at Toddlercare. Your child will be given opportunities to explore, acknowledge and value similarities and differences between themselves and others.

Learn. Play.

We encourage children to learn through play

Quality play forms the core of your child’s Early Years Education and is at the heart of our mission at Toddlercare.  We encourage children to develop independence and self-confidence through a combination of structured activities and free play. Free play allows children the freedom to learn and make discoveries for themselves and is important to all areas of their development.

Physical. Active.

We will encourage your child to be physically active

Toddlercare nurseries have large gardens where the children in our care are encouraged to play in the fresh air every day using a variety of wheeled toys and climbing equipment. Babies play separately so your baby can also safely enjoy playing in the garden with a selection of appropriate toys.

Education. Success.

We want your child to enter full time education successfully

At each stage we will actively encourage your child’s development in line with the National Curriculum to ensure they have a head start in time for school.


We strongly believe in the importance of providing children with a healthy and nutritious diet. A qualified professional cook is employed to prepare all the children's meals and snacks. Children have a good selection of home cooked foods and snacks including such things as raw vegetables and fruit as well as home made biscuits and fruit cake. Meal times are very much a social occasion as children choose where they would like to sit and chat with staff about their day. There are opportunities to talk about the types of food and how by eating a healthy diet they will grow and be healthy. The cook has a sound knowledge of the individual diets of the children and works with the staff to meet any special requirements that children may have and plans their meals accordingly, this includes foods that need blending for the babies. Bottle fed babies are cuddled and nurtured as staff make feeding a special time, talking to them quietly and using a variety of facial expressions and soft speech. Younger children's meals are fitted around their individual routines which means their individual needs are being met.